Regency Romantic Suspense
Current Status: Finished Manuscript
Word Count: 85,000

Miss Ella Pemberton, second daughter of a baron, travels without escort to the small village of Northston, Devonshire. Perhaps she should have left matters alone, should have stayed away from the danger—as her father failed to do.

But his death was in vain if she does not find the truth. She cannot let such a thing happen. She cannot stand by as the man who killed her sister remains unscathed in feigned innocence. She shall do whatever it takes to get inside Wyckhorn Manor.

Lord Henry Sedgewick knows there is blood on his hands. Lies had been conceived out of necessity, but at least no one seems to question the matter, not any longer. He is thankful for that. He does not wish for his son to bear the agony his father has wrought. And his son is all that matters . . . all that has ever mattered.

Ella arrives at Wyckhorn Manor in pretense, assuming the role of governess for the five-year-old little boy. As the days lengthened into weeks, her search uncovers a hidden diary and a shadowy man who roams about the manor in silence. Is she getting closer to the truth? And is Lord Sedgewick as guiltless as he seems . . . or is he fooling her, too?

Far in the distance, high upon the cliffside, the manor faced the open sea. It was high and lofty, a likeness of Lord Sedgewick himself. A strange and rugged beauty, a pinnacle of power—yet dark and forlorn, as if death had made a home in both the house and the man. 

Beneath His Silence

Regency Literary Fiction
Current Status: Finished Manuscript
Word Count: 105,000

Heath Duncan should have known the ship would never come, that his papa would not return. If anything, he should have expected the tragedy. After all, hadn’t he already lost his sister? But he’d done the only thing he could do. He’d let Nan go that day, watched her climb into the fancy carriage, watched her ride away into a life that wouldn’t be shambles of hunger and London filth and rotten alley crates. 

As for Nan, she’d long since forgotten about any such ship. She was somewhere new—Dorrington Hall, they called it—and for the first time in her life, there was no fear. Every member of the Stanhope family opened their heart to her. Even Gilbert, the playful and kindly eldest son, reached for her hand and swiftly became one of the dearest friends she’d ever had. So filled with mirth and constant warmth were the days at Dorrington Hall, that little by little, Nan Duncan transformed from the skeletal urchin into a blooming young lady. 

And then everything changed. 

When the long-awaited ship returns, Heath and Nan’s distant worlds collide in surprise and secrecy. A shriveled old man tries to plunge back into the role of papa—with as many demands on his tongue as years between them. For Nan, his expectations throw her into a loveless courtship—one she determines to give a chance, even if Gilbert Stanhope furies at the prospect. For Heath, the dawning of tomorrow could mean the end. Not only for his first inkling of happiness, not only for the trust and love of the woman he now longs to make his own—but it could mean the end of his life. 

There was silence, an unspoken cry of lost years and endless questions. 

When Tomorrow Came

Regency Romantic Suspense
Current Status: Finished Manuscript
Word Count: 99,000

Garden of the Midnights

The accidents are not a matter of chance. They are deliberate. His quiet, surreal life at Rosenleigh Manor is faintly slipping from his grasp. As young English gentleman, William Kensley, becomes aware of the danger surrounding him, he pleads for the truth from the only man he can trust—until that man is murdered. In a night of terror, William flees the manor with the dying gardener’s words still an echo in his ear. How could it be? How could Edward Gresham, the father he has always believed dead, be alive?

Unaware of the assailants just steps behind him, William seeks out such a father—and finds his lovely sister instead. As the two await their father’s return in the swirl of London’s vivacious season, Lady Isabella Gresham is already beginning to fall in love with a man who is unknowingly her brother. Resisting Lord Livingstone, the suitor of her father’s choice, is a challenge greater than what she could have imagined. 

Yet as Lord Edward Gresham finally returns to his townhouse in London, William is not met with the reception his heart longed for. His father’s wrath is only the beginning of William’s downfall. As the danger and scandal tighten their oppressive fingers around his life, his very foundation is threatened. The reality of his true bloodline leaves him penniless and without family. Even his beloved Rosenleigh is lost to him. The only strength he now possesses is in Isabella’s constant love . . . a love he can finally return. 

But William’s frail happiness cannot last long before it is devastated again. An unexpected enemy has moved safely among them—unnoticed and unsuspected—and by the time he rears his vicious head, it is too late to apprehend the terror. Is there any way William can rescue Isabella from her captors? And even if he saves her life, will he still have to leave her forever? 

“I can respect a man, to a certain degree, who enjoys life when things are prosperous and he is surrounded by the circumstances that best suit him. But I would admire a man far more if he were to lose all his comforts, and yet still retain that same joy—because there would be a man who was not shaped by the tempest of the wind, but by the morals of his own inward self.” 

Garden of the Midnights