Writing My First Bucket List

Everyone talks about their bucket list. At some time or another, probably everybody has sat down and penned one down. Literally. E-v-e-r-y-o-n-e.

And you know what?

I haven’t—which could possibly be embarrassing because I’m a writer, and writers should write about everything, and by everything, I certainly mean bucket lists.

So, here is my first attempt at writing a bucket list. Or two. I think I should definitely do two, because one will be normal and the other will be…well, let’s just see what happens.

Normal Bucket List

  • Get married to the sweetest, godliest man on the face of the earth
  • Have six of the most darling children ever
  • Find an awesome kindred-spirit for a literary agent
  • Sign a contract with a publisher who is passionate about my stories
  • Win an award(s) for my novels
  • Live in the country in an old farmhouse (preferably with a balcony)
  • Homeschool my kids all the way through
  • Become well-noted for my book cover design
  • Bring kids to church on the church bus
  • And be buried under a weeping willow tree (which technically shouldn’t be on this list, because a bucket list should only be things you wish to achieve in your lifetime…)

Other Bucket List

  • Fly across the sea to the beautiful country of England
  • March in the Jane Austen parade in Bath
  • Become a stowaway on a train (you know, like the westerns?)
  • Get proposed to in the rain
  • Journey to somewhere no one else has ever been
  • Model for someone’s historical book cover
  • Visit the wild and dangerous West (Medicine Bow, Laramie, and Yuma)
  • Play a bagpipe
  • Watch one of my books become a movie
  • Ride a stagecoach!
  • Stay the night in an abandoned castle (perhaps on a cliffside)
  • Drive a beat-down, old red Ford truck
  • And build a library room in my future home

Well? How is that for starters? Do you have a bucket list? Tell me about it in the comments!

Hannah Linder is a Christian fiction author, graphic designer, and photographer.


  • Esther

    I meant to add an footnote on your blog tour interview, but if you ever come visit me we might be able to catch a ride on a train together. Getting off might be a problem…

  • Lila Diller

    Since I turned 40 last year, I’ve been trying to start ticking things off of my bucket list. Here are some of the things I still want to do:
    Caribbean cruise
    travel to Europe — especially Paris, France
    take kids to the county fair
    take a 2-week tour around NC
    maybe take the kids to Disneyworld
    go on a writing retreat (I’m doing a virtual one next weekend, but I still want to go to the mountains for one)
    go to the K-LOVE Fan Awards show once

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