My Heart’s Resolve

To do what’s right when it isn’t easy.

To keep on smiling when there’s swelling tears.

To be kind to the worst among us.

To remember every yesterday—the good and bad alike—with a sort of bittersweet love.

To laugh, to laugh, to laugh and laugh again.

To offer praise freely but criticism sparingly.

To never worry.

To think of today with gladness and know that tomorrow will be better.

To find magic in the ordinary.

To serve Christ.

To work hard.

To cradle every dream, though sometimes they hurt, and never let them go.

To find contentment in being alone and satisfaction in being with other people.

To wake up with wonder.

To go to bed with peace.

To live always with the spice of imagination and the fascination of things unreal.

To live purely.

To pray without ceasing.

To stay loyal to the truth no matter how widely lies are accepted.

To be respected by foes and adored by friends.

To be motherly to children.

To be daughterly to elders.

To be sisterly to fellow comrades.

To look any man in the eye, listen without distraction, and respond with sincerity.

To take care of what I have and forget what I don’t have.

To be a lady, meek and kind and gentle and feminine.

To love truly without reserve.

To be wise.

To be deep.

To be real.

To know at the end of each day that I have done my very best, that I have stayed true to myself, that I have been good to my fellow travelers on the road of life.

And to please God.

To honor His holy, precious name.

This is my resolve.

Hannah Linder is a Christian fiction author, graphic designer, and photographer.


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