Trusting God Through COVID-19

The world as we know it has jolted us, rocked us in a cradle of change. One minute everything was comfortable, easy, ordinary. The next thing we knew, a worldwide epidemic was affecting everyone. Not just our world, but our country. Not just our country, but our state. Not just our state, but our home.

For some of us, the change is insignificant. We’ve prepared for storms before and the threat of a new one will certainly pass away, just as swiftly as all the others. 

For others, a panic has set in. Uncertainty has clawed at our sense, invaded our peace, destroyed our calendar plans—or worse yet, our life. 

And as for me?

I guess I’m a little of both. A little passive, a little anxious, a little dizzy from the rock of so much change. 

But in it all, I am confident. 

Not in man. Not in vaccines. Not in food supplies or statistics or probability. 

But in God. 

Because even though I’m scared, I trust. Even though the world is altering, I trust. Even though my plans are being slaughtered and something I can’t even see is attacking, I trust. 

Because before it happened, God knew. He allowed it. He’s in control of it. 

And if the sun and moon falls, He’s still God and He’s still on His throne and He’s still going to take care of His children. 

And I can draw comfort from that. 

Hannah Linder is a Christian fiction author, graphic designer, and photographer.

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