12 Ways to Entertain Yourself at Home

Number One: Take a walk and think of ten ingenious ways one could deny a proposal from Mr. Collins.

Number Two: Hunt down an old book and spend more time smelling the pages than you do reading the words.

Number Three: Pick a handful of flowers—unless you’re forbidden to steal more than three, like me—and decorate your room with the beauty of them.

Number Four: Eat popcorn and watch black-and-white movies, preferably with Cary Grant or Humphrey Bogart, please. 

Number Five: Go through your wardrobe and dress yourself as everything from a Civil War belle to a frontier explorer to a glamorous, straight-out-of-the-twenties flapper. 

Number Six: Write, write, write!

Number Seven: Play nine hundred and ninety-nine games of solitary until you finally beat yourself like a champ. 

Number Eight: Slip out to the porch with your guitar, ukulele—or anything else that has strings and sounds halfway musical when you strum. 

Number Nine: Did I mention campfires are fun?

Number Ten: Put the records on in your room, and if you don’t have records…well, Spotify will do. 

Number Eleven: Grab your easel, paint bottles, and brushes!

Number Twelve: Grab a notebook, wander off by some quiet lake, and write a poem or two.

P.S. Oh—and one more thing: sit in your room and write blog posts, like me. 

So, what do you do for pleasure at home? How have you entertained yourself?

Hannah Linder is a Christian fiction author, graphic designer, and photographer.

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