6 Regency Songs You’ll Love

Have you ever just wished that life had background music? I mean truly. Do not sit there and judge when the same thought has doubtless crossed your own mind. How wonderful would it be if every time we rushed into a field in the utter depths of despair, some dramatic song went following after us? Or every time we had a special moment, a tender hug, the soft music took its cue? Or every time we put on a swirling dress, the refrains of some lively waltz filled the air?

Ah yes, ’twould be lovely indeed. But no, such is not life. Just because it doesn’t follow us around like magic, though, doesn’t mean we cannot enjoy the wonders of music. Why, music takes you places. To battlefields. To castle towers. To glistening ballrooms or Scottish highlands or country parishes in historical England.

So if you’d ever like to imagine you’re in the Regency Era, friend, here’s your blog post. Below are some soundtracks you’ll love:

1. The Ship’s Cook

2. Dawn

3. Emma Main Titles

4. Northanger Abbey

5. Liz on Top of the World

6. Persuasion

Hannah Linder is a Christian fiction author, graphic designer, and photographer.

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