Release Day!

It’s always a strange feeling. Reaching inside of yourself, deeper than anyone sees, where your thoughts simmer and your longings pulse. Fingering through them, like sorting messes. Dragging them from the dimness of your soul to the light of paper, twisting them into stories, then closing them all in a book and handing them away. 

Part of me is tucked inside everything. Pieces of all my experiences and dreams and groggy thoughts before I fall asleep each night. 

I hope THE GIRL FROM THE HIDDEN FOREST sweeps you away into a haunting land. I hope you live and breathe the story, as I did. I hope the pieces of me—and the pieces of the characters—resonate with the pieces of you. 

Happy reading, everyone! Hope you enjoy! You can purchase here.

Hannah Linder is a Christian fiction author, graphic designer, and photographer.


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