12 Ways to Know if You’re a Bluestocking

What in the world is a bluestocking? And how do you know if you are one?

Don’t worry. It doesn’t mean you have a weird obsession with wearing blue socks. In the Regency Era, women who’s interest and passion was found in books were often dubbed “bluestockings”.

Blue·stock·ing (ˈblo͞oˌstäkiNG): An intellectual or literary woman.


Presently, you may have heard such creatures called bookworms, intellectuals, or even worse…nerds.

So how do you know if you are such a person? Read through the checklist to find out:

  1. You have a pile of books somewhere in your room
  2. You take a book to every doctor’s appointment, road trip, or vacation
  3. You lay in bed at night and grieve the latest tragedy in the book you’re reading
  4. You fall in love with every hero you read about
  5. You have a read list, a to-be read list, and a read-again list
  6. You cherish old book scenes like childhood memories
  7. You view luxury as swinging in a hammock with a book
  8. Your favorite smell is in the crack of a book
  9. You schedule your day to allow for reading time
  10. Your greatest dream is a library room in your house
  11. You never quit reading in the middle of a scene
  12. And you’re never offended when someone calls you a bluestocking

Well, friend? Are you a bluestocking?

Hannah Linder is a Christian fiction author, graphic designer, and photographer.


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