If I Were a Creek

If I were a creek and you came to sit
Along my lush green grass for a bit 
When summer was young and my waters flowed 
Over the rocks where the warm sun glowed

If I were a creek and you told a tale
Or two as you set your boat to sail
Along its winding and miniature course
Throughout my glistening ripples with force

If I were a creek and you fell fast asleep
Curled deep where the crickets chirp and leap
Among my grasses and wildflower blooms
Where frogs hop and the butterfly zooms

If I were a creek and you dipped your toes
Into the swirl where rainwater goes
And gleefully splashed into the sweet air
Your every fret and your every care

If I were a creek and you came back when
The summer was late and years had been
Long and dry and the grass was now brown
And there were no frogs or crickets around

If I were a creek and you saw with dismay
My bed was dry where you used to play
And there was no stream for your wooden boat
Or cool trickle for your feet to float

If I were a creek and you came to me
But I could no longer give to thee
A laughing babble to your story time
Or resting place so calm and sublime

If I were a creek…oh, would you still come
Back where your old memories are from
Would you still sit with me and be true
When the creek had nothing left for you?

A Poem by Hannah Linder

Hannah Linder is a Christian fiction author, graphic designer, and photographer.


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